7 Tips to Clean That Barbecue Grill...and Keeping It Clean

Published: 07th December 2011
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One task I used to hate after having a great barbecue meal was having to face the cleaning up afterwards. There is no getting around the fact that it has to be done. But the way it is done is the key. It was only when I found out that there were better methods than ruining endless washing up sponges and permanently blackening everything the barbecue touched that my cleaning materials could be reused and the barbecue became properly clean.

The Knack

When you have the knack then keeping a charcoal grill ready for grilling action is easy.

Allow the coals to die out completely, then you need to set about brushing the grill's grate with a stiff wire brush. Scrape any loose material from both the grill and the grates, then remove them. The next time you are ready to fire up your grill, first brush the grate once again and then you should coat it lightly using a thin film of oil. If you use this technique regularly you will find that the grate is always clean and ready to cook.

To prevent your grill from rusting you should not allow the ashes to collect in the bottom for days on end. They will impede the air flow and will be likely to collect moisture, hence the rusting. So make sure that you remove the ashes from the collector pan below the grill once they are cold. If you aren't lucky enough to have a grill with an ash catcher, such as a Weber One-Touch for example, it should be easy to scoop any ash from the bottom of the grill using a cup or a large spoon.

A Useful Tip

For a gas bbq the most useful tip I can give is to first remove the cooked food from the grill, then cover it and carry on heating the grill for a further 15 or 20 minutes. You will find that this method burns much of the residual grease from the grill and keep it much cleaner for next time. This won't do the trick indefinitely though, and once or twice a year a bigger effort at cleaning will have to take place.

This will be a lot worse if you have let your equipment deteriorate all through the summer - or worse still, you have a winter-long dirty grill that you need to get ready for summer. All is not lost, though. Just be prepared for one of the longest chores you will face, then vow not to let it happen next time.

If you have a gas grill then the first thing you need to to is to disconnect the gas lines. Take the grill apart to inspect it thoroughly, from the interior fittings right through to the heating elements. If there is any rust eliminate that right away. Next you can wipe all the interior fittings with some soapy water, and for stubborn marks use eome scouring powder with a scrunched up piece of aluminum foil. Rinse it all with clean water and dry off thoroughly before reassembling your grill. So now the grill is sparkling clean and ready for your summer cook-outs. Just make sure to keep it that way.

A Grimy Grill?

For really grimed up grills, especially the charcoal kind, you may need more than the soapy water or simple scouring powder method.Try mixing up the baking soda with water to mae a smooth paste and apply this to your grill with your wire brush. Then some aluminum foil for the final rub down, wipe clean and see the result.

An easier but less effective alternative to this is to use some oven cleaner. First spray your bbq's grill with the oven cleaner, put the racks inside a garbage bag, then tie up. Let the bag sit for a few hours outside on a sunny days, then remove the grill and rinse it down. Instead of putting it in a garbage bag you could just place the grill in the oven of course and clean your oven at the same time!

For a really dirty grill, why not try this?
The least pleasant method is to try using ammonia, which I prefer to avoid. If necessary though, wear some gloves and put a face mask on, use some paper towels soaked in the ammonia and place them on each side of the racks, then place them inside a garbage bag and tie it shut. Leave them overnight, outside your living area of course, then re-equip yourself with the gloves and facemask and open up the garbage bag. Stay well away from the fumes as you wipe the racks down using more paper towels. When they look as clean as you can get them, give a final wash with some soapy water then rinse.

You can get find more hints, tips and reviews on barbecues and barbecuing Right Here. It is no secret that the author is an advocate of weber grills - for good reason - as you can find out from some independent reviews. Let the cookouts begin...and keep that grime off in future!

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